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Mar 29, 2019 by Helena

85-y-o-man Brutally Attacked While Praying Outside Planned Parenthood Clinic

An 85-year-old man was brutally attacked outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in San Francisco, California. The whole assault was caught on video. The man was innocently praying when he got assaulted, so Christian Post reported. 

The Life Legal Defense Foundation posted the video, which shows that the elderly prayer warrior, named Ron is being beaten as he is trying to stop the thief who stole a pro-life banner.

“Old man, stay on the ground”

You can see how the man screams to Ron “Old man, stay on the ground,” before he repeatedly kicks him all over his body. 

“The pro-lifer was taking part in a peaceful 40 Days for Life campaign when the perpetrator stole the victim’s banner and viciously beat him. The same assailant had attacked the victim and another man just two days prior,” the Life Legal Defense Foundation added. 

“Life Legal represents the elderly victim, who is afraid for his safety. We are working closely with 40 Days for Life to make sure pro-life advocates in San Francisco and across the nation are protected and perpetrators are brought to justice.” 

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