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Apr 05, 2019 by Michael

Incredible Discovery Of Ancient Jewish Town Connected to Abraham and Jesus

An astounding discovery has been made by Israeli archaeologists. They have uncovered the remains of a Second Temple period Jewish settlement in the city of Beersheva, reported CBN. The discovery was made while excavations took place as part of a plan to facilitate a new neighborhood in the city. During these excavations, however, Israeli researchers uncovered the remains of an ancient neighborhood.

"This is probably one of the earliest artistic depictions of a nine-branched menorah yet discovered"

One of the objects that were found, was a shard of an oil lamp decorated with a nine-branch menorah. This is one of the earliest depictions of the menorah ever to be discovered. Other objects that were found were limestone vessels used in ancient Jewish purity rituals, a watchtower, and even underground hidden passageways used by Jewish rebels.

"Remains of the settlement cover an area of c. 2 dunams and include several structures and installations, such as the foundations of a large watchtower, baking facilities, ancient trash pits and an underground system that was probably used as a Jewish ritual bath (mikveh)," explained Dr. Peter Fabian of  the Ben-Gurion University in the Negev and Dr. Daniel Varga  of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

"Signs of a conflagration discovered in some of the structures evince a crisis that the settlement experienced, probably that of the First Jewish Revolt," they added. That revolt took place in 70 AD.

The ancient menorah found on the oil lamp shard is what researchers are especially excited about.

"This is probably one of the earliest artistic depictions of a nine-branched menorah yet discovered," Dr. Vargas said.  

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