Apr 08, 2019 by Michael

Superbook Helped a Vietnamese Boy from His Gaming Addiction And Freed Him From Suicidal Thoughts

Video games are not the best thing for your child. Many psychologists have researched that excessive video gaming overstimulates the nervous system and affects the brain of the child, causing him to have trouble paying attention, managing emotions and tolerating frustration. CBN News shared the story of 11-yr-old Vietnamese boy how his addiction to violent video games led to depression and suicidal tendencies. 

Minh Viet's video gaming addiction began at 8 years old, and since then, he's been at it for hours every day. One visible effect of his obsession is the uncontrollable blinking of his eyes. 

In the video games, they jump off the roof

But the most troubling result of playing video games was his thoughts on suicide. Minh Viet said, "I cried. I want to commit suicide." When asked how this is done, he said he learned how to do it from his gaming. "In the video games, they jump off the roof."

Ngocanh Le, Minh Viet's mother, says she was disturbed when her son told her this. "He says that I will commit suicide. He cannot do what adults expect him to do. He feels he is a failure."

As a Christian, Ngocanh knew that prayer and the Word of God could solve her son's problem. But she also knew that Minh Viet needed something that would catch his attention, just like the video games. 

That is why Ngocanh is so thankful Superbook has come to Vietnam and is translated in her own language.

But God has saved him

Ngocanh shared, "He loves Superbook very much. He has shifted from video games to Superbook. He understands more about the Bible. And sometimes, he says to me he feels he's very sinful. But God has saved him. He was touched by God. And in school, he got very much improved."

In Vietnam, 7,000 children are learning the Word of God through Superbook. CBN Vietnam is praying that more churches will use the Superbook curriculum so that children who have been deceived by the devil like Minh Viet can be saved.

Minh Viet even tells others about how Superbook saved him: "I have a friend in Saigon who is addicted to video games. I told him to stop playing games and watch Superbook instead."

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