Apr 08, 2019 by Michael

Doctor Has Performed 1,200 Abortions But Now Is a Pro-Life Advocate

PureFlix shares a beautiful story of a doctor who aborted many babies but had his life turn upside down. Dr. Anthony Levatino is a gynecologist who has performed around 1,200 first and second-trimester abortions early in his career, but an amazing change of his heart has made him stop performing abortions at all and is even a pro-life advocate. 

Levatino, who still is a doctor, plays an abortion doctor in the new hit film “Unplanned,” a movie that tells the real-life story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director who fled her clinic and became one of the most prominent pro-life voices in America.

He shared on “The Billy and Justin Show” that he in his early career actually was pro-choice. And the ironic part was that he and his wife had difficulty getting pregnant and meanwhile he was ending the lives of babies.  

“We were, fortunately, able to adopt a child after a considerable amount of effort,” he said, noting that his wife ironically got pregnant right after the adoption.

With a son and a daughter suddenly completing Levatino’s family, he continued performing abortions — until a tragedy changed everything.

“Our daughter, Heather, who we had adopted, was two months shy of her 6th birthday when she was struck and killed by a car out in front of our home,” he said.

And I didn’t even see the $800 cash I just made in 15 minutes. All I could see was somebody’s son or daughter

This horrible event made him look at abortion in a completely new way. “I finished that abortion … for the first time in my career after all those years and all those abortions I looked … and I didn’t see her wonderful right to choose and I didn’t see what a great physician I was helping her with her problem,” he said. “And I didn’t even see the $800 cash I just made in 15 minutes. All I could see was somebody’s son or daughter.”

Levatino added, “That was the beginning of the end.”

A few months later, the doctor stopped performing second-trimester abortions. Not long after, he stopped performing all abortions.

“Unplanned” is currently playing in theaters across America.

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