Kim Walker (Source: Youtube)


Apr 09, 2019 by Michael

WATCH: Kim Walker-Smith Performs Her New Single 'Just Be'

Well-known singer and worship leader, Kim Walker-Smith officially released her new single, "Just Be" on Friday. The song focuses on resting in Jesus' presence. But she first debuted the song in late March on the television show LIFE Today. 

“I wrote this song with my friends Mia Fieldes and Jonathan Smith,” shares Kim Walker-Smith. “I wanted to write a song that the worship leader wants to put in their setlist and that isn’t too complicated. It’s a simple song (even a little old school) with a profound message; just be. When you come into the presence of God to worship Him, everything else can wait. There is nothing more important in that moment then just to be with Him and pour out your affection and adoration on the One who is worthy.”

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