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Apr 09, 2019 by Michael

Francis Chan Shares His Thoughts On Why He’ll Share a Stage With Benny Hinn

Evangelical leader Francis Chan doesn't see a problem with sharing a stage at major events that also feature controversial prosperity gospel preachers. His answer to the question is simply to share the truth. Chan had recently come under scrutiny for appearing on the same stage as televangelist Benny Hinn and evangelist Todd White when he was the top-billed speaker at The Send, a 60,000-person rally held in an Orlando stadium last month, reported Christianity Today.

“There are millions of souls that sit under weak or unorthodox teachings"

Chan explained why he prefers to speak among crowds whose beliefs fall outside of his own, even though he considers the prosperity gospel to be “dangerous teaching.”

“Often times, I decline [speaking requests] because other speakers will be at the event who believe almost exactly what I believe. My reasoning is that it may be a waste of Kingdom resources for all of us to be there, speaking largely to people who already agree with us,” Chan wrote on the site for his church planting network, We Are Church. “It seems more effective to speak where there is less Bible teaching.”

Chan stated that he believes he can be most effective in places where he is “not in alignment theologically,” so long as he is permitted to preach freely from Scripture.

“Over the past few years, I have seen many people come to truly follow Jesus, have a deeper love for the Scriptures, and a deeper commitment to the Great Commission,” the Crazy Love author stated. “There are millions of souls that sit under weak or unorthodox teachings. It thrills me to think about what the Spirit might do through his Word in those situations.”

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