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Apr 10, 2019 by Helena

Franklin Graham Interviews 'Unplanned' Actress Ashley Bratcher, Who Almost Got Aborted Herself

The pro-life film "Unplanned," which premiered in theaters March 29, has surprised many in the first weeks of opening. The movie has an R-rating for what the Motion Picture Association of America called "some disturbing/bloody images." But nonetheless many have watched it already and love it! Including Franklin Graham and many others.

In a tweet on April 1, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted, "So good to see movie theaters across the country showing @UnplannedMovie - a deeply inspiring new pro-life film based on the best-selling book by @AbbyJohnson. More and more Americans are embracing the sanctity of life because of powerful stories like this one. #Unplanned."

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz also shared his support for Unplanned. "I thought I was prepared for this movie, but I was not," Cruz tweeted.  "It is breathtakingly powerful. Deeply disturbing, but also inspiring."

Franklin Graham hosted a Facebook Live interview with actress Ashley Bratcher Tuesday night. Bratcher portrays Johnson in the film.  

Bratcher revealed to CBN News while she was filming the movie, that her mother had almost aborted her.

"She said 'I'm going to tell you something that I haven't told you before," shared Bratcher. "And she said to me 'I was in the clinic. I had my name called. I went back. I was being examined by a woman who was very pregnant, and I was on the table and that was when I changed my mind. To hear I was seconds away from not existing, and then also to know that here I am telling Abby's Johnson's story, it's so clear to me and evident that God's hand at work is present on this project," said Bratcher.

Graham went on to encourage his followers to see the film.  

"Please make it a point to go to the theater and watch Unplanned—take your family and church, and encourage your church groups to go," he said. "This movie pulls back the curtain on many of the lies about abortion.

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