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Apr 11, 2019 by Michael

WATCH: College Student of Infant Born Alive After Botched Abortion Says ‘It’s Not a Baby’

A female student at the Boston College recently argued hypothetically that an infant born alive following a botched abortion should not receive medical. Her reasoning for this is that it should not receive care because the abortionist “already determined that it’s not a baby.”

The student was asked by Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, to explain the difference between offering care to a baby who survived a failed abortion and giving treatment to an infant dying in an immigration center along the southern border.

“Do you believe that a baby who’s born alive during an abortion at Planned Parenthood should get care?” Hawkins followed up.

“No,” the student replied.

Hawkins asked the woman to explain her answer.

“Because they’re performing an abortion,” the student said. “So, before that, they’ve already determined that it’s not a baby. I know you’re telling me that science has determined one thing, but…”

The pro-life advocate then pressed the student, asking her to explain how an abortionist “can determine it’s not a baby.”

The student failed failed to explain how an infant born alive after a botched abortion is not a baby.

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