Amy Klobuchar


Apr 12, 2019 by Helena

Presidential Candidate Amy Klobuchar Says Her Faith Got Her Through Her Dad's Alcoholic Addiction

FaithWire reports how democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar shared during an interview Saturday with CNN’s Van Jones, who asked the politician how her dad’s alcoholism impacted her life and career, that her alcoholic father became sober when he was “pursued by grace.”

“I literally saw my dad climb to the highest mountains, but sink to the lowest valleys, because of his battle with alcoholism,” she recalled.

She goes on to share that her father was arrested and charged with three DWIs, the third of which presented the possibility of jail time, a potential consequence that prompted the Democrat’s dad to finally seek treatment. he was pursued by grace

“Then, in his words, he was pursued by grace,” she said, a clear reference to God’s biblical promise to chase after us, like in Luke 19:10, which reads, “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

But it was the combination of his faith and the community of supporters around him that “made the difference” for her father, who is now 90 years old.

everyone should be able to be pursued by grace

“It has motivated me to say, ‘You know, everyone should be able to be pursued by grace,’” the senator told Jones. “Whether you get addicted to meth, whether it’s opioids, whether it’s alcohol, whether you have a mental health problem. It shouldn’t just be my dad.” Redemption, she added, is difficult to understand “until you’ve experienced it in your own life.”

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