Apr 15, 2019 by Helena

CA Pushes Bill That Will Force Students To Have An Abortionists Number On Their ID

CBN News recently reported that phone numbers for abortionists like Planned Parenthood could soon be displayed on most California student ID's from middle school through college – even at private religious colleges, universities, and seminaries.

"a sexual or reproductive health hotline"

This is all due to the bill AB 624 that just got pushed through a committee this week – it requires "a sexual or reproductive health hotline" to be on the ID's.'s Randy Thomasson does want to emphasize thought that the Supreme Court actually ruled in 2018 against forcing anyone to support pro-abortion messages against their beliefs.

"But neither the US Constitution nor the decisions of the US Supreme Court matter to Planned Parenthood abortionists or their bought-and-owned politicians. They want free advertising for new abortion customers as young as 12 years old," Thomasson said.

He also said that the sponsor of the bill, Democrat Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel, received a Planned Parenthood endorsement and a $4,400 campaign contribution.

The California Family Council has called this act a new way of turning students into a "Walking Billboard for Abortions".

Walking Billboard for Abortions

"The audacity of some legislators to use state power to indoctrinate California's students seems to have no limits," said California Family Council President Jonathan Keller

Conservatives say the idea is unconstitutional.

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