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Apr 15, 2019 by Helena

You Can Now Walk The Same Stairs That Jesus Walked Prior To His Crucifixion In Rome

These are not just any ordinary stairs, they are the ones that are believed to be a part of Pontius Pilate's palace in Jerusalem and the very same steps that Jesus Christ ascended before he was tried and sentenced to crucifixion by the Roman governor have been restored, so CBN News reports. 

On Thursday the 28 steps of the "Scala Sancta," or Holy Stairs, of the Pontifical Shrine in Rome, was unveiled by the Vatican.

The stairs have not been seen without their wooden protection for almost 300 years. The opening was just in time for the many tourists that are heading their way to the Vatican for Easter.

Housed in a building across from the Basilica of St. John the Lateran in Rome, the stairs were brought from Jerusalem to Rome in the fourth century by the Emperor Constantine's mother, St. Helena after Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire.

Since the Middle Ages, millions of believers have climbed the stairs on their knees to pray and meditate on Christ's passion.

"The newly restored frescoes help the faithful connect with the holy history," Father Francesco Guerra told ABC News.

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