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Apr 17, 2019 by Michael

UK Teacher Fired For Speaking Up About LGBT Indoctrination In Christian School

A teacher in the United Kingdom has recently been fired because she made a stand against pro-LGBT teaching at her son's primary school run by the Church of England, reported CBN. Kristy Higgs of Fairford, Gloucestershire posted on her personal Facebook page, according to the London Daily Mail, that the school was requiring "relationship education" be mandatory. 

"This is all about the freedom of a Christian to hold biblical views"

She wrote, "Which means, for example, that children will be taught that all relationships are equally valid and 'normal,' so that same-sex marriage is exactly the same as traditional marriage, and that gender is a matter of choice, not biology, so that it's up to them what sex they are."

Higgs went on to say that teaching fundamental Christian beliefs will become forbidden and freedom of belief will be destroyed. She argues that she was fired because of her Christian views on sex education which are "shared by hundreds of thousands" of parents.

"As soon as the investigation began I was repeatedly told, 'This is nothing to do with your religion'," stated Higgs. "That was clearly a legal tactic and of course it has everything to do with my religion."The Christian Legal Centre, Higgs' legal team, is taking the case to the employment tribunal. The CLC shared in a statement, "This is all about the freedom of a Christian to hold biblical views."

Liberalism has been growing within the UK's education system, and Higgs' complaint is a result of  this. Recently, the UK Department of Education established a new requirement for students as young as five to learn about LGBT relationships and gender reassignment. They have even allowed head teachers to "overrule" parents who don't want their children to participate in the controversial sex education classes. 

"Pupils growing up in families with LGBT members, or who are beginning to understand that they are or may be LGBT themselves, should feel that relationships education and RSE (relationships and sex education) is relevant to them," the new guidelines stated.

Colin Hart, chairman of the Coalition for Marriage, criticized the lessons as "completely unacceptable" and warned they will "downgrade marriage."

"The Department for Education is sidelining traditional marriage, the most stable form of relationship for raising children and forcing them to learn about every other form of relationship under the sun, even when it is not age-appropriate. The law should encourage traditional marriage, not undermine it," he said.

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