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Apr 18, 2019 by Michael

These Muslim Syrians Converted To Christianity After Defeating ISIS

Some of the Muslim residents In Kobani are leaving behind Islam and turning to Christianity, years after the Islamic State laid siege to the Syrian town, reported CBN. Back in 2015, Kobani was the epicenter in the battle against ISIS.

"We can express our rituals with complete freedom"

The years following the siege, many Muslims became agnostic or atheist, but others turned to Jesus and opened up Kobani's first church in decades called "Church of the Brethren." It is the only evangelical church in Kobani.

"After the war with Islamic State people were looking for the right path, and distancing themselves from Islam,"  church founder Omar Firas told Reuters. "People were scared and felt lost."

Firas reported that approximately 80 to 100 people in Kobani now worship at the evangelical church.

"We meet on Tuesdays and hold a service on Fridays. It is open to anyone who wants to join," he said.

Firas founded the church while a new representative form of government in northeast Syria called the "Self Administration of Syria" (SANES) was emerging. Firas told CBN News his church would never have been allowed under ISIS.

"We can express our rituals with complete freedom," he said.

"Because this project is democratic and for the first time it has recognized we as a Syriac Christians and recognized our language, culture and even our religion," SANES Executive Council VP Elizabeth Kourie told CBN News.

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