Apr 18, 2019 by Helena

‘Hail Satan?’—the New Satanic Temple Documentary

This Friday there is a new documentary coming out called "Hail Satan", about the rise of the Satanic Temple. The movie’s by Penny Lane, a filmmaker known for her funny and rebellious documentaries, so Relevant Magazine reports. 

The film is out to define exactly what the Satanic Temple is and what its mission is, and the answers might not be exactly what you expect. On its face, the Satanic Temple claims to be an advocate for total secularism in the public square. They express this advocacy, however, through ironic stunts, like trying to install a statue of Baphomet on the grounds of a courthouse in Little Rock, Arkansas, a place where the Ten Commandments are displayed prominently.

Does the Satanic Temple worship Satan? The documentary tries to show that they do not, No, they actually don’t even believe in Satan. They’re out instead to use Satanic imagery as a way to overturn traditional hierarchies (especially those dominated by religion, Christianity in particular) and question the way religion is integrated into established institutions, like American government and other structures.

Here’s a trailer for the documentary. It begins distribution April 17.

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