Feb 17, 2016 by Rik Bokelman

Hard-Hitting Words From Spoken Word Artist Clayton Jennings

This incredibly powerful spoken word highlights many of the fundamental issues in American society today. Portrayed through poetic language, spoken word artist Clayton Jennings seeks to identify key problems in America through this creative video, and offers a plea for hope in Jesus Christ. Watch the video or read one of our favorite lines:

- “God Bless America we are the land of the free. But tell that to the world’s largest prison population, with young drug offenders and prisoner lawyer fees.”

- “I doubt the founding fathers imagined this. Celebrities created by homemade movies on their bedroom mattresses. No fear of God or what happens after this.”

- “You see the American dream is tragic: Get money, have kids, marry the hottest spouse, get a divorce and split for the South. Find a young love interest and split for the South, face Gods wrath and get spit from his mouth”.

- “Our population has been scattered and the economy shattered but we’re too busy online like 'You like my post? Wow, I’m flattered.'”

- “Thank God we have political personalities that will save the day. Let me know when they do because I will save the date.”

- “It is bigger than gun control and legalizing weed, when we have kids in our inner cities starving in the streets.”

- “Keep your Wallstreet. I’m investing in a place with no walls around its streets. White Privilege didn’t get me to my Saviours feet.”

- “You come from monkey’s, and there is no God. Then kids shoot up their school and we find it odd.”

- “Everything honourable in this country is under assault. But God Bless America or so we are taught. How do we expect God to bless the same things he said he will punish. It’s rubbish.”

- “You see I’m just like America, I’m broken and lost. But thank God, Jesus paid that cost. And if America wants change, it starts at the cross.”

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