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Feb 17, 2016 by Rik Bokelman

Paul Washer: "Very Few People Go To The Word Of God"

Christians are more and more borrowing from the world and very few are turning to the word of God. That's what Paul Washer says in an interview with "People are not planting churches based on the Scriptures, but on the latest theory on how to plant a church," he says.  

"Today most Christians, even those who study their bible, are not taking all the scriptures and apply it to every aspect of their life. They're borrowing from the world; psychology, sociology. Many things that contradict the Scriptures, Christians are listening to those voices instead ordering their lives according to the Scriptures."

Paul Washer challenges people to learn to take every aspect of their life, and to see if they're living according to the Scriptures. "Many people struggle in their marriage, but how many people are going into the Scriptures and study marriage from Genesis to Revelation, to find out what God says about marriage? Or about raising your children? Very few people go to the Word of God."

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