Feb 18, 2016 by Will Maule

Craig Considine: "Prophet Muhammed Embraced Ancient Christians"

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, sociologist, writer and speaker Craig Considine explored the close relationship between the Najran Christians and the Prophet Muhammad. Considine seeks to define the lines between mere religious tolerance, and all-embracing pluralism. Tolerance, he says, "is only the absence of religious persecution." 

Considine highlights that when the Narjan Christians visited the city of Medina upon the Prophet Muhammad's invitation, the Prophet "allowed them to pray in Nabawi mosque where the Muslims also prayed." Considine goes on to explains that "This invitation was not only the first example of Christian-Muslim dialogue, but it was the first time that Christians prayed in a mosque."

Whilst the Christians did not agree on all the theological issues that arose in their meeting with Prophet Muhammad, Considine points out that "he (Prophet Muhammad) nonetheless gave them a place to stay near his home, and even ordered Muslims to pitch their tent." 

Considine wishes to make a clear point through his academic scholarship, that "The story of the Najran Christian delegation that visited Medina reminds us of an important lesson - it is an understatement to argue that the Prophet simply tolerated Christians."

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