Mar 15, 2016 by Will Maule

How To Quickly Find Books In The Bible

There is nothing worse than sitting in church and having the preacher steam through the chosen passage before you have even reached the right page in your bible. Flicking through the pages as he concludes the scripture is not only frustrating, but can get you off to a bad start in listening to the talk. So, with the help of Jack Wellman at Patheos, here are some tips on how to quickly find books in the bible.

Start A Daily Reading Plan
"If you read the Bible every day, you’ll begin to learn the books of the Bible much better. I don’t have to memorize where all of the books of the Bible are if I am already familiar with it and by reading the Bible every day, you’ll begin to find whichever book you want much easier because you’re already very familiar with it."

Memorize The Order
"Some Sunday school teachers have used music to help students memorize the order of the books of the Bible much like the ABC’s song helps children memorize the alphabet. You can also start with the first five books of the Old and the New Testament and begin with smaller, incremental steps as you progress upward until you have memorized all of the books in the Bible and the order in which they come."

Using Tabs
"Many better books stores offer tabs for each book of the Bible and this allows the reader to simply look for the books in the Bible by use of tabs."

"I saw a picture of a bookmark where on one side, all of the Old Testament books of the Bible were listed in the order in which they appear and on the other side, the books of the New Testament were listed in the order in which they’re found, so finding the book you want is as easy as finding your bookmark and looking on the list to gain quick access to the book you want."

Grouping Of Books
"The Bible is divided up for the reader so that they can easily find whichever book they are looking for. For example, all of the wisdom literature books are grouped together in the Old Testament like the Book of Proverbs and the Book of Ecclesiastes. The gospels are all grouped together so there is no problem finding a particular gospel and knowing that the New Testament begins with the Gospel of Matthew allows you to find the other gospels too."

"The key is familiarity and the more you read the Bible on a daily basis, the easier it will be to find a book in the Bible that you want to find. Becoming familiar enough with the Bible will help you become familiar enough to know the order of the Books of the Bible."

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