Mar 31, 2016 by Will Maule

Pastor Saeed Abedini On Abuse Allegations: "They Are All False"

In a recent interview with KTVB, released American-Iranian pastor Saeed Abedini talked at length of his imprisonment in Iran, his tumultuous relationship with his wife, and what his hope is for the future. He talks of when he first had an idea that he was going to be released as he was moved to a prison with other Americans "I sensed that I was going to be released very soon. I started sharing the gospel with other people, and the same night 5 people turned to Christ," he said.

Abedini talks of how he got through the awful experience of being in prison, and being beaten. "The only thing that I had over there to help me and encourage me was Jesus Christ. He is alive. He is there." Abedini also asked about the problems around his marriage, after his wife revealed alleged abuse and marital issues. "I never think these issues should be discussed with people. It's just completely personal. If there is need of changes, there are so many pastors that can help us." 

When pressed on the allegations his wife has made he said sternly "They are all false accusations," followed by an awkward pause from the interviewer. He talked of the stunted celebrations for his release in light of the accusations made by his wife "I am sad that people couldn't rejoice in my freedom," he said. "But I believe God used me as a vessel for his glory."

So what is next for Abedini? "I believe revival is going to happen in America. I see people getting ready for this. They are looking for comfort in politics, but no politician can change our lives. Only Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior can change our lives."

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