Apr 06, 2016 by Will Maule

Rick Warren: "Goals Stretch Your Faith"

Setting goals is a great thing. Goals can provide us with a burst of motivation to see us take our business, family, ministry or hobby to the next level. Rick Warren talks of how God uses our goals to stretch us, and encourages us to trust that God will work big things as we dream up plans and vision to bring him glory.

"If you state a big goal, God will work in a big way. If you state a medium-size goal, God will work in a medium way. If you state a small goal, God will work in a small way," writes Warren. So we must be challenged to stretch our faith, and increase our trust in God to do some big things in our lives. Simply put, if we don't have a goal, we are not going to move forward. 

"When I ask you, “What’s your goal in your relationships?” and you say, “I don’t have one,” then your goal is for them not to get any better," writes Warren. "That’s why the Bible teaches us to have goals. They are a spiritual discipline. They challenge our faith. They develop our character, and they build our hope."

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