Apr 08, 2016 by Will Maule

7 Best Christian Email Sign-Offs Of All Time!

From time to time, we have all been guilty of embracing cheesy Christian idioms and phrases. But some of the most cringeworthy examples come from email signatures. With the help of the editors of Relevant Magazine, who received these from readers (and are assured they are all valid) we give you our top 7 picks they published for the most hilarious Christian email sign-offs of all time.

1. "In the sweetest embrace of the Father's arms and the kisses of His Heavenly Angels."

2. "Sincerely trying to be his."

3. "From the Beloved's Bosom"

4. "See you next week, unless our Lord returns before then."

5. "Yours, because we're His."

6. "Crowns for Jesus"

7. "Under Aslan's paw.” 

Read all 15 here! Check it out!

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