Apr 12, 2016 by Rik Bokelman

"The Most Neglected Tool for Spiritual Growth Isn't The Bible"

"When people accept Jesus, I think we should make sure we give them a mirror." That's what blogger John Pavlovitz writes on his blog. "The same goes for baptisms, altar call prayers responses, seminary degrees, and church appointments."

"The mirror is the place where transformation happens, because there in our self-reflection we find: the person most responsible for our poor choices in the past. The person with the most control over who we will become."

Our modern Christian culture has largely lost any such thoughtful reflection or personal accountability. We’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that our faith is measured not by the lives we actually live and the contents of our hearts, but by the stances we take, the condemnation we dispense, the causes we defend, the people we chastise, the sides we choose."

"I can’t help but wonder how different the landscape of the world would look if professed people of faith spent more time in the quiet places seeking revelation, not about the evils of the world out there or regarding the moral failures of others, but about the darkness of our own hearts."

"Christian, do yourself a favor: put down the iPhone and the laptop, put away your signs and bullhorns, stop writing and preaching and proselytizing, set aside your favorite blogs and books, and yes even put down the Bible for a while. Pick up a mirror, and with as much attention and honesty as you are able, consider what you see and then ask God what you should do about it."

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