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Apr 13, 2016 by Rik Bokelman

Paul Washer: The Two Most Dangerous Extremes In Church

In church there are two very dangerous extremes. That's what Paul Washer said in an interview with In the video below he talks about them.

"One of them is the extreme is the extreme that reduced the Gospel to a little creed. And if you pray a prayer and ask Jesus to come in then the preacher tells you, you now have eternal life. There's nothing Biblical about that. It's very dangerous. And because of it, countless of people, millions, believe they're Christians while they're not."

"The other extreme is this: that you can spend your entire life believing in Christ and never have assurance. Because in order to have assurance of salvation you must experience just some spectacular work of God in your life in which either your heart is crouched and you're left weeping on the floor, or light appears to you and all this truth is flooding in. It's a dramatic experience. That's not true either. There's a balance." 

Watch the video: 

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