Apr 15, 2016 by Will Maule

T.D. Jakes: "Women Should Only Submit To Men In Their Family"

Internationally renowned American bishop, author and preacher T.D. Jakes has said women should be able to strike a balance between being successful at work and being a wife at home, reports Speaking in Namibia, Jakes was responding to a question when asked how African women, with new dispensations of business and opportunities opening up for them, can honor God, their husband and society at the same time. 

“The Bible talks about women being submissive, not to men, but to her own husband … God is setting up an organizational structure for family, it has nothing to do with anything outside the family," Jakes said. Jakes also addressed the difference in roles when a married woman goes from being a CEO or boardroom executive to the marital home. “Maybe you should not get married, maybe you should go after your career. If you are going to be a wife, then when you come from the boardroom and come home and kick off your heels you ask, ‘baby (husband) do you need something?’” he said. 

Jakes reminded those in attendance that when any society progresses, the advancement of women is always a fundamental element for development. “As any society evolves it ceases to abuse its women.  We went through changes in America where we had a huge revolution; women were considered property – it’s not unique to Africa, India and Asian culture. As women were allowed to read and go to school, they became entrepreneurial and successful.” 

“I applaud your success," he said. "To me a smart woman is a sexy women. I love a woman who is articulate and intelligent … carry your own weight. I want you to be an asset not a liability … celebrate our success. Any man intimidated by a smart woman is a dumb man.” 

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