May 04, 2016 by Will Maule

Rick Warren: There Are 365 Verses In The Bible With The Same Message

We all have worries in this life. Whether you are concerned about your health, your kids, your future, or even the current political situation, we are not short of things to be anxious about in this world. But as a Christian, how are we to respond to these feelings? "It’s interesting to note that there are 365 verses in the Bible that say, “Fear not,” write Saddleback pastor Rick Warren on his blog. "God provided us with one “Fear not” message for every day of the year!"

Warren highlights that in the Bible, God almost always begins a conversation with "Don't be afraid!" So why does he do this? "Because our hurts and hang-ups can often cause us to think that God is out to get us, that all he wants to do is condemn us and punish us," writes Warren. But the reality is different from this. And Jesus is testament to this great love of God. "Jesus has taken the penalty for everything you’ve ever done wrong or will do wrong," writes Warren. "He paid for it on the cross. So when a bad thing happens, you don’t have to think, “God’s getting even with me.”"

Warren concludes Instead, remember, “Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me” (Psalms 23:4 NLT, second edition).

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