May 05, 2016 by Will Maule

Bible Professor Gives Key Advice To 'Trumpangelicals' And Anti-Trump Christians

With Ted Cruz announcing that he is pulling out of the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, the overwhelming likelihood is that Donald Trump will be firmly in the running to be the next President of the United States. But what about the evangelicals who have peddled his campaign? And the Christians that believe he is an awful choice? 

Bruce Ashford, an author and the provost of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, has some advice, penned in an op-ed published on FoxNews.com. Ashford encouraged his fellow evangelicals not to despair, saying that there is an unprecedented opportunity available to “regain our evangelical witness.” Ashford makes it clear that part of the evangelical sector of American society has failed the country in their support of the Trump campaign. 

"Evangelicals had already slipped up by supporting the rise of a primary candidate whose campaign is characterized by overheated ethno-nationalistic aggression, who wants to curb free speech, who did not immediately and decisively distance himself from David Duke’s support for his candidacy, who seems only questionably committed to the pro-life and religious liberty causes, who regularly demeans those who oppose him, and whose rallies have been punctuated by violence and civil unrest," he writes. 

So how should evangelicals battle 'Trumpangelism'? Perhaps healthy protest can be seen in the elevating of God's wisdom over political promises. "By criticizing both the Democratic and Republican front runners, we can show that Christian wisdom often defies traditional social and political categories such as Democratic and Republican," writes Ashford. 

Can Christianity begin to regain its influence as the moral voice in this time of crisis? "Instead of applying our moral exhortations to the Clintons alone, we can apply them also to a GOP nominee whose words and actions cause us a great deal of moral concern," he writes. The fact is, to garner true influence evangelicals need to go out on their own again, and not remain annexed within a section of the Republican party. "If we evangelicals are going to regain our voice in upcoming years, we must reposition ourselves as something other than the religious special interest arm of the Republican Party."

So, as Ashford says, Christians must seize the moment! "We’ve failed to do so consistently or recognizably, and the rise of Trump’s candidacy offers us a remarkable and irreplaceable opportunity. The moment has come to seize it."

Read the full op-ed here.

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