May 18, 2016 by Will Maule

Mark Driscoll: Is Anorexia A Sin?

In this new podcast, pastor Mark Driscoll addresses a sensitive question, sent in from a 28-year-old woman who has struggled with anorexia for her entire life. Driscoll begins by talking about the unhealthy pressures that our modern culture puts on young women to look a certain way, or the role of social media in encouraging people to put the "best presented" version of themselves out there, and wait for people to comment their own opinions on you.

He also talks of the role of parenting. "Appropriate affection and encouragement from Dad is incredibly important to the development of a young woman's self-identity," Driscoll says. So is it a sin? This, says Driscoll, is a multi-faceted question and one that is difficult to answer. Instead, he chooses to run through a framework that one must think about, and work out which category applies to their situation, through prayer and petition, and the study of scripture. 

Driscoll matches an action that you can take part in once you recognize which area of sin or darkness is gripping your life. For example, "Brokenness" requires "Healing," and "Lies" require "Truth."

1. Sin and Repentance
2. Idolatry and Worship
3. Condemnation and Forgiveness
4. Oppression and Deliverance
5. Lies and Truth
6. Brokenness and Healing
7. Defilement and Cleansing
8. Folly and Wisdom
9. Sickness and Wellness

Watch pastor Mark talk some more about this framework, and how it can relate to eating disorders below.

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