May 20, 2016 by Will Maule

10 Questions Mentor's Could Ask Instead Of "How's Your Walk With God?"

Being a spiritual mentor can be a difficult job. What questions should you ask? How honest should you get with your mentee? Often, we resort to asking overly-simplified "safe" questions like "how's your walk with God?" These can yield a surface-level answer that does not get to the root of where the person is at. In light of this, Addie Zierman gives us 10 examples of pressing and essential questions that mentors can ask their mentees. 

1. What is something you desire in your life these days?

2. Who in your life (past or present) has given you a taste of God’s love?

3. When or where are you most likely to be aware of God’s presence? When or where are you least aware of God’s presence?

4. What do you think God feels [or things or is doing] in you as you experience this situation or relationship?

5. How is your view of God changing because of this experience?

6. How would you like God to help you in this?

7. How do you think God is inviting you to respond to this?

9. How would you like to experience God in the next few weeks?

10. What would be helpful to you right now?

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