May 23, 2016 by Will Maule

Chewbacca Laughter Woman Talks About Faith In God!

In a video that has the world in hysterics, Candace Payne gets hold of a Star Wars Chewbacca mask, tries it on, and promptly falls into raucous laughter. An estimated 48 million people have viewed the video. Payne has said that people sometimes just need a good laugh, and has spoken of her faith and how this has shone through in her video, reports Christian Examiner. 

"As far as the joy aspect, it is much deeper than the Chewbacca mask," Payne said. "It was fun watching it go viral and fun watching people get some joy out of it, too, but at the core of real joy is faith." Payne is a worship leader - she plays guitar and writes songs for her local Church. "We have a heart for our local church and just being obedient to God in the way we raise our kids and love our friends," Payne said.

Payne has received poignant messages from viewers of the viral video. "I haven't laughed in the two months since my dad died," Payne recalled one message. Another said: "I haven't had a gut wrenching laugh in two years." 

"If I am going to say anything ... our world that we live in has a dark cloud over us that keeps us feeling like we can't ever experience deep joy daily," Payne said. "It really is about thanking God for every single thing we have. When you have a heart that is grateful, we laugh more." 

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