May 27, 2016 by Will Maule

Chewbacca Mask Lady On Speaking In Tongues, How God Gave Her Passion

Candace Payne is an absolute global phenomenon. Since releasing her video where she loses it in hysterical laughter when trying on a Chewbacca mask, over 150 million people have viewed it, and she has become an internet sensation. But she is also a devout Christian, worship leader and mom. In this video, she talks about receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, after growing up in a conservative Church that did not believe in this manifestation of the spirit. 

"We started singing these lyrics: 'Holy Spirit, You are welcome here. Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere. Your glory God is what our hearts long for, to be overcome by Your presence Lord,'" Payne shares. 

"And as we sang that, I just have to tell you I felt a deep conviction in my soul that I was not a welcoming place for the Holy Spirit. As a matter of fact, I was quenching the Spirit of God, which I really really loved. So I just started to say to Him, 'God, I'm just so sorry. I'm so sorry.'" 

She continued in her prayer, "Would you forgive me for my pious, arrogant, cynical attitude that I've had towards you. And would you just have your way in me. And while I started praying that, that was going on in my head but when I opened my eyes I realized that my lips were saying something completely different." 

"I was speaking in tongues," she said. Payne was "freaked out," and so she spent time seeking God on her own and asking questions about this experience. She then talks about how she started speaking in tongues again, and how God broke chains over her life and released passion again. 

Payne has impacted millions after praying this prayer, and she makes a plea for others to do the same. "Can I just urge you, to begin to surrender and move to where He is. His ways are higher than ours, yes, but they are also so much better!"

Watch the video below.

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