Jun 02, 2016 by Will Maule

Order Of Elijah Christian Deathcore Band Abandons Christ

Order of Elijah is an incredibly popular band in the Christian deathcore genre. Hailing from Joplin Missouri, they have enjoyed great success, and have always been keen to share their Christian faith through the medium of their music. But that has all changed, since frontman Shannon Low posted an extensive message on facebook explaining how he has given up on his Christian faith, having been unconvinced of the historical accuracy of the gospels. He also cites a lot of discomfort with the Old Testament, as well as being swayed by the scientific writings of Richard Dawkins in his best-seller 'The God Delusion'. 

"I never knew that the earliest gospel wasn't written until half a century after Christ supposedly died, or that Paul never read any gospels, or that there isn't even any evidence from that time that Jesus existed," writes Low. "I picked up a book called The God Delusion which talks about how all of this chaotic puzzle adds up, it answered so many questions that my Christian friends would literally get furious for me to even address."

Low also talks about how he has lost a lot of Christian friends through this experience. "I would see these same Christians publicly calling my other friends "abominations" for being gay," he writes. "The pastors making millions with feel-good sermons and theatrics, the abortion clinics being bombed, children dying because their parents insist on using faith healing, the barbarism of middle eastern Islam, the list goes on.... all of this cruelty justified by each particular sect in the name of their god's love."

Low was keen to be completely clear about his new position. "So here we are today. Look, I love you guys and I'm sorry I'm not a Christian anymore. This is honestly me completely coming out of the faith closet," he writes. Since the post, the band has been posting lots of quotes from atheist comedian Ricky Gervais, as well as a mention from Richard Dawkins' website about how great it is that they have changed their mind on religion. 

So will the band change its name? "Aside from the 'no true Scotsman' accusations and mass threats of hell fire, this has been the biggest demand from the Christian community," they wrote.

Read Low's full post explaining his new found atheism here.

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