Jun 06, 2016 by Will Maule

John Bevere: Do Not Be Deceived By What Appears Good But Is Evil In God's Eyes

Deception. The number one ploy of the enemy. He loves to lead us astray and to make us believe something is good when it is in fact evil. "Look at all the good that is coming out of it!" we say. But we forget that things that appear good can often be evil in God's eyes, as John Bevere reminds us. 

"There is a good that will lead people away from me," says Bevere, recalling God speaking to him one time. "When anybody asked Jesus what it was going to be like in the last days. Do you know what the first thing he says is? "Be careful that you're not deceived." urges Bevere.

"The deception is going to be so potent that if possible the elect are going to be deceived," Bevere warns. So how are Christians going to be deceived? It is not going to be crazy and overtly obvious sin that deceives us. "It is going to be evil that is masked with good," says Bevere.

Check out the video of him speaking below.

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