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Jun 14, 2016 by Will Maule

Dr. William Lane Craig: The Difference Between ISIS And Invasion Of Canaan

What is the difference between ISIS's brutal killings across the Middle East and Joshua's invasion of Canaan and the "ethnic cleansing" that went on in this Biblical instance. "There is a world of difference between the judgment upon Canaan that God commanded, and the Islamic idea of Jihad," says William Lane Craig. 

"Jihad is a religious war. It is the use of violence to convert people to the religion of Islam. If the people that you're having Jihad against repent and become Muslims, then you are not to kill them. It is a tool of evangelism. That is completely different to the invasion of Canaan in the Old Testament. That was an example of God's judgment upon these corrupt Canaanite tribes." 

Lane Craig reminds us that God used the armies of Israel as a tool of judgement. "But it wasn't a religious war," he says. "It wasn't an attempt to convert these people to Judaism. It wasn't the means of spreading Judaism. It's a world of difference."

Watch the video below. 

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