Jun 29, 2016 by Will Maule

Did God Command The UK To Leave The EU?

The majority of Christians voted for the UK to leave the European Union in last Thursday's landmark vote. Polling from Lord Ashcroft showed that nearly 6/10 of those who identified as Christian voted for Brexit. This is higher than the 52 per cent who voted for Brexit across the nation. It is particularly stark when compared to Muslim and Hindu voters, seven in 10 of whom voted to remain, reports Christian Today.

So why did Christians so badly want to leave? Well, increasingly, it appears that Christians we being convinced by blog posts declaring that the EU was spiritually dark, and only going to get worse. With the UK traditionally being a Christian country, many may believe that taking it back will increase the level of Christian spirituality in everyday British society. 

The influential Ellel ministries blog argued that "for deeply spiritual reasons" Christians should vote Brexit. On the morning after the vote under the title of "God has spoken," Peter Horrobin wrote the result was a "massive answer to prayer" and said: "God has acted to set the UK free from the external spiritual control of the European Union."

Similarly Julie Meyer, a worship leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, said God's "eyes were on Europe." "He's going to set the captives free and it's going to start in Britain. The Lord says, 'keep your eyes on Britain.'"

"There is something greater coming to Britain. It's going to start in Britain...like a wildfire. You're part of the great story line, Britain, and it's not over. It's getting bigger and bigger."

Many even compare the EU building in Strasbourg to the Tower of Babel. Skeptical Christians think that it symbolizes the EU's rebellion against God. There were plenty of reasons Christians refused to contemplate remaining in this transnational organization, but the spiritual elements were clearly a factor, and the remain campaign may have been wise to address them. It is too late now!

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