Jun 30, 2016 by Rik Bokelman

31 Things That Are NOT In Heaven

What's heaven like? You don't know? The best way to understand heaven is to know what's NOT there. Because heaven will be the opposite what we experience on earth. 

The beloved pastor David Wilkerson once gave an amazing sermon about it. He mentioned 31 things that are not in heaven.

"If we see the negative side, maybe the positive side will open up," he said. "I can't tell you what heaven is like. I don't know what's there. But I can tell you what's not there." 

At HelloChristian.com we made this amazing list from the things David Wilkerson mentioned in his sermon. It's just mindblowing. Here are 31 things that are NOT in heaven. 

Things that are not in heaven
1. There going to be no sea, the Bible says. 
2. No more tear glands.

'And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.' (Rev 21:4).

3. No more sorrow.
4. No more crying. 
5. No more funeral parlors.
6. No more cemeteries.
7. No more standing in front of caskets. 
8. No more sorrow.
9. No more mourning.
10. No more dying
11. No more death there. 

Because nobody dies. 

"You die once. You get resurrected, you never die again. Paul said: 'Remind yourselves of it,' and that's what we were doing this morning. The body that is buried in the ground is not the body which shall be, for God give it a body that pleases himself."

"Our bodies are sowed, the Scripture says, buried a natural body, and it is raised as a spiritual body." 

"It is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. 
It is sown in weariness, it is raised in power."

12. There are no clocks in heaven.
13. There are no centuries.
14. No decades.
15. No months.
16. No weeks.
17. No moments.

Time shall be no more.
18. No more drug stores. 
19. No hospitals.
20. No doctors.
21. No nurses.
22. No more painkillers.
23. No more ambulances.
24. No more prescriptions. 

For there shall be no more pain.

25. No more fear there. 
26. No unbelievers there. 
27. No abominable things. 
28. No murderers. 
29. No witches. 
30. No liars. 

"Folks, this is just to remind you. These are the things that are not in heaven. Those of the opposite, everything is going to be contrary to this world. And I hope that gives you just a little more hope." 

31. There are no moving vans in heaven. 

"We'll never move again. Jesus said: 'In my father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.'" (John 14:2) 

"I can't help believing, in closing, that there's going to be a victory march in glory." 

"Into that new world will be these multitudes of children, millions upon millions of children who have been bombed into pieces in the wars. All the children that have died in various of diseases and wasted away. Resurrected with new bodies." 

"All of these from all the ages. And all these little orphans and all the others know that they now have a Father."

"And they begin to sing. What a sound that will be. What a heavenly sound. All the voices of these children."

"I believe that in that march, then come the martyrs. Those that were beheaded. In that parade, I can see them still, putting their hand on their head. 'I have a head!'" 

"You say this is farfetched... But don't you believe that they're going to be rejoicing as they look at this new body? In one piece?" 

"Can you imagine the praises of those who were burned in the fires to ashes? Imagine all of the shouts and the singing of the martyrs of all the ages!"

Leading the parade
"And then behind them comes the main body of the church of Jesus Christ."

"Those who were drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, those who were bound by sin and set free and delivered, the Church of Jesus Christ." 

"And leading that parade is a little woman who gave two pennies into the offering, when Jesus was there and said: 'This woman gave more than all the rich.'" 

"And all those little beggars, and all of those little widows that prayed and all these little grandmothers that have given their pennies and dollars. and prayed and given themselves to prayer and seek the face of God. They are going to come marching with the Church of Jesus Christ." 

"Paul the apostle said: 'I was staggered at the sound I heard.'"

"Folks, there's a world out there that we cannot comprehend," said David Wilkerson. 

"Do you think you can reach a peak in heaven? I don't think you can reach a peak on anything in heaven. I think it's constant growth, constant revelation, constant joy. Ever increasing."

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