Jun 30, 2016 by Will Maule

Graham Cooke: Feeling Tension Often Means The Lord Is At Work

We've all felt some level of tension at some point in our lives. Whether it is a feeling of unease, a falling out of relationship, or just an uncomfortable sense of apprehension for the future. We often feel as if this is a negative thing, and want to eradicate it. But it could be that God is about to do something incredible. 

"The prevailing feeling is that tension means there is something wrong here," says Graham Cooke. "But actually I don't believe that is the case." Indeed, Graham believes that we sometimes need tension in order to see progression. "I have reason to believe that tension is really just telling us that something is happening," says Cooke. "After all, movement cannot happen without tension." 

Whilst tension can precede action, we need to make sure that tension does not turn into friction, "which is why we have the oil of the Holy Spirit," says Cooke. Don't shy away from tension, and vow to move through it with people in a productive and proactive way, always asking for more of God's guiding presence. You might just see some incredible transformation. 

Watch Grahams 'Brilliant Thought' below. 

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