Jul 18, 2016 by Rik Bokelman

God Needs Christians Who Show How To Drink Beer Well

There is much confusion and misinformation among Christians about alcohol. Some people think Christians shouldn't drink alcohol. Other people love alcohol in the same way they do their Bibles. At we asked ourselves: how does the Bible really speak about alcohol? Here's a simple overview. 

Rik Bokelman

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1. The Bible has a negative attitude towards alcohol 
Alcohol can lead to sin. Everyone knows that the use of alcohol affects the brain. It can change your mood and behavior in a good, but also a bad way. People often get involved in a fight after drinking some beers, or glasses of wine. Alcohol makes it harder to think clearly and move with the right coordination when you're driving for example. Because God knows this He commanded to the Israelites that, if a man or a woman made a special vow he or she must 'separate him[her]self from wine and strong drink.' (Numbers 6)

Alcohol isn't always healthy. If you are pregnant the use of alcohol can lead to terrible effects. That's why the angel of the Lord appeared to the mother of Samson and said to her, 'Behold, you are barren and have not borne children, but you shall conceive and bear a son. Therefore be careful and drink no wine or strong drink, and eat nothing unclean, for behold, you shall conceive and bear a son.' 

2. The Bible speaks positively concerning alcohol 
Here are some ways the Bible speaks positively concerning alcohol. 

Alcohol is a form of pleasure
God told his people to celebrate life and drink wine. He created it as a form of pleasure. That's why the psalmist writes in Psalm 104: 'You [...] bring forth food from the earth and wine to gladden the heart of man.' 

It's a blessing
In the Old Testament wine was seen as a blessing (Deut 7:13) and the absence of wine as a curse (28:39). God even promised Israel a land with wine flowing from the mountaintops. (Amos 9:14). 

God commanded to offer beer
In Deuteronomy 14:22-26 God actually commands Israelites to use some of their tithe money to buy some beers and celebrate before the Lord. They were also commanded to offer up two liters of beer to God six days a week and even more on the Sabbath. 

Jesus turned water into wine
Jesus turned water into wine when he was attending a wedding where the wine ran out. Not in order to bottle the wine and leave it in a wine cellar, but - any spiritual meaning aside - in order to give people the opportunity to drink and enjoy it. To celebrate life. In those days, wine always contained alcohol, though not necessarily to the degree it does today. 

Jesus drank wine himself
Most scholars believe that Jesus drank wine himself because he handed it over to His disciples at the Last Supper. And because he was called a drunkard, implying that people saw Jesus drinking wine and therefore accused him of being drunk. (Luke 7:34)

Scripture doesn't forbid Christians from drinking beer
Scripture does not forbid Christians from drinking beer, wine, or any other drink containing alcohol like whiskey. It only rejects drunkenness and addiction to alcohol. Paul wrote to the Ephesians: 'And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit.' Our task is to learn to enjoy alcohol in a good way. And that takes discipline, and many beers. 

There will be alcohol in heaven
All over the world Christians are celebrating and remembering the work and life of Jesus with the Lord's Supper. At the Lord's Supper they eat bread and drink wine. In the words of Jesus they do that "until that day when I shall drink it with you new in the kingdom of my Father.''

So most Christians even believe there's even wine in heaven. And that's something remarkable because you could also think that alcohol is a fruit from a broken or sinful world. But that isn't the case because Jesus clearly said he will drink wine with us in the kingdom of his Father. One day, we will feast and drink with our King who enjoyed feasting and drinking Himself.

Scripture does not forbid Christians from drinking alcohol. Consumption of alcohol is a matter of Christian freedom. At the same time, your glass of wine or beer, shouldn't dominate or rule you and lead to drunkenness. Or in the words of Paul: 'All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be dominated by anything.'

Alcohol is not tainted by sin. It's a good thing. Like sex, money, and power. But, it has to be used with care, in a godly way. It should lead to joy, not sin. 

My personal opinion: God is looking for Christians who show how to drink beer
Personally, I'm convinced that God is looking for Christians who show how to drink beer. And how to drink it well.

Yes, I really believe this. 

God is looking for Christians who show the world how to drink beer well.

You know why? 

Because alcoholism has been rampant through every age, while alcohol itself is created by God. So many times the use of beer, wine, and alcohol is being hijacked by satan.

So many times people see alcohol as something that leads to godliness and sin, rather than godly pleasure. 

Therefore, drinking alcohol well can be a strong testimony to the world, and show a better Way.

If there are any people who show the world what a pleasure alcohol is, it should be Christians. 

Of course, Christians are free to choose for themselves whether they want to drink alcohol or not. So whether you drink a beer or a diet coke, do it to the glory of God.


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