Aug 05, 2016 by Will Maule

She Was Raped At 12 And Fell Pregnant, But Kept The Baby And Is Helping Others Do The Same

Lianna Rebelleo was 12 years old when two men kidnapped her while she was walking to a local shopping mall and brutally raped. She later discovered that she was pregnant, and was encouraged by doctors to have an abortion in order to rid her of all reminders of the attack. Now, 23 years on, she is a fierce pro-life advocate, and thinks that we should be "punishing the rapists, not the babies," in the case of rape, reports Life News. 

"The doctors told me to abort my baby. I asked them if it would take away the pain of the rape. They said no. I didn’t see any reason to punish my baby for what those men did," says Rebelleo. "Abortion would be like a double rape. That was pain I didn’t need. I wouldn’t heal by punishing my baby. We need to fear rapists, not our own child. Why should we give her the death penalty when we are trying to rescind it for criminals?"

Rebelleo talks about her visits to shelters where women have been impregnated through rape. "I want to bring them hope. What you went through doesn’t define you. You still have worth and dignity. Your life doesn’t end because you have a baby," she says. 

"I was 13 but had to raise my little girl. I was emancipated at 16 and we finally moved to an apartment. It was hard, but I always worked. I graduated from UCLA in journalism and got a good job. My daughter also graduated from college. I tell the girls they can do what I did."

"She was the one who kept me going. Now I see that my experience was meant to bring a message of hope to others who have suffered the same way."

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