Aug 19, 2016 by Will Maule

Joseph Prince: Be Careful To Guard What Enters Your Heart

The scripture tells us to "guard our hearts above all else." (Proverbs 4:23). This is an invaluable gem of wisdom. From our hearts springs all sorts of dark desires and passions. But these are fed by those things that we allow into our lives. We must be so careful not to let in anything which may dishonor God. "I’ve always said that right believing leads to right living. The opposite is also true: Wrong believing leads to wrong living," writes Joseph Prince.

"What we allow to take root in our hearts will determine the course of our lives!" We must come afresh to the word of God and let it take root in our hearts, cleansing us of all darkness and misdirected affection that may be present there. "Ask the Lord to reveal any erroneous belief to you and ask Him to help you replace it with the truth of His Word," writes Prince.

"Beloved, fill your heart with only what’s pure and true from the Lord. Keep His words in the midst of your heart and uppermost in your mind. They will be life and health to your soul and entire body!"

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