Sep 01, 2016 by Will Maule

The Amazing Moment A Pastor's Voice Is Healed As He Preaches The Gospel

Duane Miller was a pastor in Texas who got sick with the flu. This particular flu was so severe that it attacked Miller’s vocal cords and left him without much of a voice. As a preacher, Miller was so desperate to recover his voice, he consulted over 200 doctors, including 63 specialists. Nothing was successful. 

Miller had to resign his position as pastor, and ended up joining a large Church in Houston. It was here that breakthrough came. One Sunday, a Bible study teacher wasn’t able to teach due to sickness, and knowing Miller’s background, the church asked him to teach the class. Miller was hesitant, but went ahead, as he geared up with a microphone that would pick up his faded voice. 

Ironically, it just so happened that the lesson prepared for that week was on Psalm 103, which speaks of the fact that God heals our sin, but doesn’t always heal our physical bodies. As Miller is speaking of the Lord’s goodness and explaining that God still performs miracles in our day and age, something utterly incredible happens. Suddenly, his voice loosens and he is able to speak clearly and strongly.

Miller’s shock is clear and so is the crowd’s. You can hear bemused laughter in the audience as the room starts to realize what is happening before their very eyes. Miller resumes talking, only hesitantly at first. “I don’t understand this right now…I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment…I’m not quite sure what to say or do.” The congregation is in disbelief. "Sounds funny to say: I’m at a loss for words!”

As he realizes what is happening Miller utters “Thank you Lord.” You can hear him choke up with emotion. Check out this amazing moment at 4:30 into the video below. 

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