Sep 25, 2016 by Will Maule

Should A Christian Get A Tattoo? Here Is A Biblical Answer!

Tattoos are in. There is no doubt about that. Church members, leaders, and musicians are getting them all over the place! Many have significant Biblical meaning, or scriptural connotations, whereas others are simply for fun. But should Christians really be getting them? Is it OK to mark your body in this permanent way? Well, Todd Wagner from Watermark Community Church gives us his thoughts in this new video.

Wagner says that you should consider whether or not your tattoo is out of a conversation with God, where he has permitted it. "We should never get a tattoo when it is simply a case of "I want a tattoo," says Wagner. "We don't do anything for us anymore. The life we now live in the flesh, we live in the faith of the son of God."

"All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable," reads 1 Corinthians. A reminder or an edification is ok, says Todd. But Todd also highlights some Old Testament scriptures that say we should not "cut ourselves" like the pagans did (Lev 19). 

"But if you got Christian tattoo's that is not going to be confused with the pagan culture," says Todd. Simply, we want to make sure that whatever we are doing, we are fully convinced that this is honoring to Christ. "So, can you get a tattoo? I'm not going to tell you that unequivocally from scripture, you can't. I'm gonna say, you ought to do it with a lot of forethought, and a lot of prayer. Make sure you're not doing it cos' you think it's cool. We don't do anything cos' it's cool. We do it to glorify Christ."

Watch Todd's full remarks below.

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