Sep 27, 2016 by Will Maule

Thousands Are Accepting Jesus In Kenyan Revival

Hundreds of missionaries have flooded into Kenya to pray for a revival. But even they were not prepared to see the thousands of lives that were changed just 10 days later. More than 640 missionaries from around the globe gathered to bring revival to a Kenyan village called Kakamega. Their mission was simple: show the love of God in practical ways, reports Charisma News.

They visited prisons, provided medical treatment to those affected by parasitic fleas and preached to anyone with open ears. These missionaries reached tens of thousands of people. "In all, 72,115 people in Kakamega were reached and 6,944 received Christ as their savior," one missionary said. Joel was one of the many street children who gave their lives to Christ. "I feel I have hope after being preached to," he said.

While only a few hundred missionaries came to Kenya, tens of thousands were impacted by the gospel, and eternal destiny's were changed forever. 

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