Oct 02, 2016 by Rik Bokelman

Nick Vujicic: Being A ‘Christian Celebrity’ Isn’t Always Easy

Nick Vujicic is an incredible man. Born without arms and legs, he has been to hell and back over the course of his life. Struggling with his own identity, overcome by fear and frustrated by his disabilities, aged just 10 he even tried to take his own life, attempting to drown himself in his bathtub. But since then, God has done a remarkable work in his life, revealing to him an amazing plan for Nick to reach people with the gospel. Vujicic has become an internationally renowned motivational speaker and evangelist. Thousands have come to Christ through him. HelloChristian.com recently caught up with Nick when he was speaking at a conference in The Netherlands.

Why do you think that your story resonates with so many people?
Nick: "I think that people can relate to the emotional ups and downs in anyone's life: fear, hopelessness, and every person has big questions. Everyone's looking for purpose, hope and encouragement. They can all relate to the brokenness. And feeling like "what's God thinking?" Then they think, "wow, if he can get through that, and if God can use him, then I can get through what I'm going through, and God can use me."

Vujicic also talks about how he likes to tackle the "bigger questions" when he is speaking as an evangelist. "It's the questions that stop people walking with Jesus: 'If God is a God of love, why is there pain?' 'If God can heal me, why doesn't he heal me right now?' 'If God is a fair God, why is there evil?' 'If God can forgive me, how can that be because I have so much sin."'

So why is that so important for you to do at your events?
Nick: "Because that's what's stopping people. If you had one question, and I gave you the answer, and you were happy with the answer, then you would move forward. Obviously, it's the Holy Spirit that works in people. It's His words, it's His kindness. People want to believe in heaven, they would love to believe in heaven. But sometimes there are just little barriers. Sometimes three sentences bring the barrier down. Sometimes the whole experience will bring the barriers down."

Is it important for everyone you meet to become a Christian?
Nick: "I feel a calling. There are many people who don't believe in God. And this is especially because of Christians. I think the biggest hindrance of why people don't become Christians, is because of Christians themselves. Churches, money, manipulation, traditions, rituals, etc."

"You see, instead of just becoming Christians, and admitting their soul is broken, people will just convince you that they are happy. But they are missing out. There is so much more! I want people to find the joy of God. Hope for now, and for the afterlife. Most people who are agnostic just need a wake-up call!!"

"I had many agnostic relatives. Some died without a faith in God. I can't make anybody believe what I believe. You do your part. You plant a seed, and God does the growing."

But is it really important for you that people get saved?
Nick: "It is the only reason I evangelize. If it wasn't important that people got set free and believed, I would not do what I do and work as hard at it."

So, how do you distinguish between actively evangelizing, and simply helping people overcome their fears through being a motivational speaker?
Nick: "Well, I have two divisions of what I do. There's my non-profit ministry, and then I have a for-profit corporation, speech circuit. And on those things I can mention my faith in a personal way, but you can't preach the gospel there. You can't preach the gospel in the education system. You can't preach the gospel to the government. That's why I come from a motivational level there. My heart is to reach 7 billion people. That's what I feel God's called me to do. I've been on TV to 1.4 Billion, then governments have asked me back to preach the gospel on T.V. - that's how we've got 600 million people. To reach the world, you can't just be on a Christian platform. You have to meet people where they're at. Then maybe they Google me, or get a book after that. I always mention my faith wherever I go."

You are a Christian celebrity, there is no doubt about that! How do you deal with all the attention?
Nick: "People look I'm to me as a role model. There's no way of disguising. I can't put sunglasses on in the public place. They see me! But we manage my time properly. So I know how much rest I need, how much family time I need, how much alone time I need. And then I get refuelled seeing people come to Jesus. So then when you manage your time properly you have enough energy to react, to smile when you don't feel like smiling, to take a photo when you don't feel like it, to talk to someone when you're in a rush."

Nick recounts a story of when he was at Disneyland and bombarded with photo requests. 

"I was recently at Disneyland with my family for the first time. I think 350 people asked me for a photo. I said yes to the first 150 and no to the last 150, then I got bad comments on my Facebook!" 

But Nick insists the work he does is all about God. "It's all God, and it's got nothing to do with Nick. Nick's not the celebrity. I didn't write my story, it's all credit to God. It's a responsibility, it's a burden, but it's also a blessing to see how many people are affected by it, changed by it, and influenced by it. You know, I do my part, and God does His."

You're always in the spotlight, and people always expect you to be positive and to smile if you have to deliver a message. Do you ever have to chance to just have a bad day?
"Yeah. By the grace of God. That's when you depend on Him the most, and that's when he shows up the most. When there's less of me, there's more of Him. His strength is made perfect in our weakness."

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