Oct 09, 2016 by Will Maule

Francis Chan: Christians, Stop Faking It!

Francis Chan has preached a powerful message on authentic Christian living at Bethlehem Baptist Church. He talks about if he interviewed a member of the audience, and all those close to them, what would they tell him? "Some of the people in this Church might say some very nice things about you, right?" Francis asks. 

But then what if Chan went before the throne of God and asked Him about this particular person in the congregation. "What would this report look like?" questions Chan. We are often so worried about what others think of us publicly, but fail to recognize the importance of our hidden lives. "Maybe you've been more consumed about your own reputation than about your character and who you are before God. We try and make ourselves sound better than we are to certain people. And create a reputation for ourselves that may indeed be false when we stand before God, and we know it!"

We can even deceive ourselves on this, but we know what God would say, because he knows everything about us! "This is very dear to me because I now have a reputation!" says Chan. "I want my life to match up, I don't want at the end for God to say "wow, that's good, ooh, Mr Crazy Love!"

"But I want for Jesus to confess my name and say "No, Francis, he loved me. Father, angels, here's Francis, he loved me. He didn't go these other directions. He lived it out. Isn't that what you'd love to hear from the voice of Jesus? That's what we're after!"

"There is such a silliness to fake when something so big is on the line!" 

Watch Francis' message below. 

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