Oct 19, 2016 by Will Maule

Francis Chan Gives An Incredible Answer To Jehovah's Witnesses In His Front Yard

Popular author, speaker and evangelist Francis Chan recently had an encounter with some Jehovah's Witnesses in his front yard. He was ready to give them an answer when the discussion headed towards faith. "These Jehovah's witnesses come by, and say can we talk to you. I said of course! I've got some things to say to you too!" Francis said.

They started sharing their message, and Francis responded asking them if he could tell them about some answers to prayer that happened the previous week. The woman insisted that God doesn't listen to everyone's prayer. Chan agreed, citing many scriptures that talk about how our prayers can be hindered in many ways when we are not following Jesus with all our heart. "But he listens to mine," Francis said to the lady.

"I tell this one story of this thing that happened and she goes "wow," and I say "explain that, why is he listening to me?" And she says to her friend "let's get out of here." But Francis pursues them saying, "if you don't mind I'd like to walk with you because I have some more stories." 

"I went like a block and a half just telling them these stories. One of the lady's looks at me and says "what are you? are you one of them Pentecostals?" Francis recalls. He responds "here's what you need to know about me: I'm a human being just like you. I get alone with that book, I get alone with the Bible, I read it and I see stuff I'm supposed to do and I do it. I pray to that God in that Bible, that Jesus who died on that cross for me. I read it, and pray to him and he listens to me and he's changed me. And everything he has done in my life just blows my mind."

"And she goes "That's your problem. You read that book by yourself, and you cannot understand that book unless one of our leaders explains it to you." And I said "see that's your problem. I said you're putting all of your trust in someone else. Do you understand this is about your eternity? About heaven and hell? And you're putting all your trust in something someone tells you."

"There's a time to listen, but I also see a lot of believers grab hold of someone because they are a popular speaker, a good singer, or because they appear intelligent. You just start listening and follow these supposed scholars."

"Look, you need to read the book for yourself!"

Check out Francis talking below. 

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