Oct 24, 2016 by Will Maule

Pat Robertson Sits Down For A Straight-Talking Interview With Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump visited Regent University over the weekend, and sat down with CBN founder Pat Robertson for an exclusive interview. They covered several topics, including addressing Trump's leading initiative to employ women in his organization. Trump claims he was the first person to appoint a woman to lead the building of a skyscraper in New York City. 

Things did get more personal, when Robertson asked about Trump's qualifications for president in comparison to Hillary's. "Hillary would do a poor job as president," said Trump. "When you look at the job she's done for our country. If you look at the Middle East and the disaster that this is. When you look at New York State, when she was senator and said she'd bring jobs back there. Look at what happened there. It was a disaster!"

On the issue of the supreme court, Trump said that Judge Scalia was a real role model for the type of pro-life justices he wishes to appoint. "When we think it terms of the supreme court, Pat, that is such an important element of this election. This president is going to replace two, three or even four supreme court justices," Trump said. 

And what about partial-birth abortion? Clinton is all for it, but Trump is staunchly pro-life. "I must say I've been called by a number of pastors and priests thanking me for explaining it the way I did. I'm very happy that we can get the word out, because it is terrible," Trump said. "It is unacceptable." 

Trump also asserted that he will "undo" Obama's executive orders on many issues, such as trade regulation agreements and border control. "The good thing about his executive orders is that you can undo them very rapidly," he said. 

Pat then asked an interesting question at the end of the interview, saying there have been "so many lies" in politics, and asking for positive change regarding the integrity of this presidency. "Would make a pledge not to lie to the American people as president?" Pat asked.

"Oh, I think it's a great pledge. And it's a pledge that I would like to make," Trump responded.

Check out the full interview below. 

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