Nov 01, 2016 by Will Maule

Clayton Jennings' 'Dear Dad' Spoken Word Will Bring You To Tears

Clayton Jennings is an incredibly gifted spoken word artist, preacher and author. He speaks with honesty, humility, and grace, and his turn of phrase hits you right in the heart. That is gonna happen when you watch this new video Clayton has just released about his Father's battle with MS, and Jennings' struggle to come to terms with it. 

"Dear Dad, I used to want to be just like you. And I told myself I'd always try to. But at some point I gave up. I was only a kid when I used to see you laid up. Multiple Sclerosis had you weighed up. But even though it ravaged your body it never took your heart. But there were times as a kid that I could tell it shook you hard. And to be honest it shook us too," Clayton says.

"I remember whispering to Don at night like "what should we do?" we could hear you moaning in the other room. He'd just tell me not to worry, that's what big brothers do. The doctors gave you five years but you always managed to pull through."

Clayton continues "I used to wanna be just like you. That's before I realized that I'm nothing like you. The smallest battles are hard for me to fight through. You're a warrior I'm an amateur, I'm nothing like you."

Clayton then talks candidly about his pleading with God to heal his Father. "I used to look at God for help and I'd beg and I'd plead. I'd ask him to heal you, please God please. But the MS just wouldn't leave. Every day I go without pain I remember you don't. And when I think about living to be an old man I'm reminded you won't."

"Honestly, I just want to hug you. But I'm out here trying to make you proud of me. Dad I love you. I hope you can see that you did this to me. Every sermon I preach and person I lead, you're responsible for the best in me."

"But I know too well that the best of me isn't all that's left in me. I carry a lot of pain, not physically like you, but emotional and blue. It's like I can't stop thinking I should have had that disease and not you. But then again, it would have crippled me, it doesn't stop you. But why is it my Dad has to battle this demon of death. I promise if this disease was visible I'd cut off it's head."

"If I could push back the waters you're drowning in I'd split the ocean like Moses. And you'd land on dry ground and you'd be pain free. I want you to know that it's your example that saved me." 

Watch this incredible video below. 

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