Nov 14, 2016 by Will Maule

Franklin Graham: 'Trump Is A Changed Man, And I Trust Him'

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham has said that he is assured Donald Trump is the right person for the job when it comes to leading the nation into a new season. Graham asserted that there was "no question" that God was involved in the election of Trump to president, he told Christian Today. 

Graham insisted that Trump is a "changed man" from when he made his notorious lewd comments about women. I know Donald Trump and have been with him on a number of occasions," Graham said, adding that he had actually spoken to him privately on Monday this week, just a day before the election.

"What you see is what you get. Politicians are pretty good at smiling and being one thing in public and then when the doors are closed, they are different people." But Graham insists that Trump is genuine. "He's not polished, like a lot of politicians. He's a little rough around the edges. But he means what he says. People need to understand that he's a very powerful person, very strong, he's got a very good family, great children. He's going to put together maybe one of the best teams in Washington that we have seen in years."

Plus, Graham remarks, Trump will protect Christian freedom both at home and abroad. "The vast majority of the evangelical community supported Donald Trump because he has said he is going to support Christians, not only at home but around the world," said Graham. "So when we see Christianity being attacked worldwide, not just by militant Muslims but by secularism, it's refreshing to have a leader who is willing to defend the Christian faith."

Graham has personally known Trump for eight years, and said he'd seen "a change in him" during that time. "He came to my father's [evangelist Billy Graham] 95th birthday party three years ago and he had met my father on several occasions when my father was preaching in New York," Graham said.

"I know there are a number of pastors that have had a great influence on his life. People change over a period of time. I think Donald Trump has changed. Now at the same time, if he gets mad he may use 'hell', or 'damn', or some other words to express his displeasure. But I trust him. I think when he says something he means it. If he says he's going to do something, he's going to do it."

"Donald Trump has surrounded himself with strong evangelicals and for me as a Christian, I'm very pleased with that," he said. "Only God really knows a person's heart" – but, "You can tell a lot about a person by the people that they surround themselves with. Our current president claimed to be a Christian but you don't see that in the people around him."

It is time to move into the future with Trump at the helm, insists Graham. "We have to come together behind our leaders where the will of the people has spoken. We are a democracy and so I wasn't pleased when President Obama was elected because I feared his policies would hurt us as the church and they have. But we got behind him. He was our President and we supported him. He is still our President. But we have new leadership. We need to come together as Americans. There needs to be healing. Let's move on."

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