Nov 28, 2016 by Will Maule

A Prayer For The Strength Of God When You Feel Under Spiritual Attack

Spiritual warfare is real, and attack can come in various forms. The reality is, Satan wants nothing more than to destroy our lives, our thoughts, and our walks with Jesus (John 10:10). It may be a sudden sickness at a crucial time in your ministry or walk with God, a peculiar lack of spiritual desire, or just a general sense of unease throughout the day.

Will Maule

Will Maule is a journalist and editor at HelloChristian.com. He's married to his wife Caroline and has a little baby boy. He loves guitars, tennis, golf, and tea. Will lives in Northern Ireland.

What we know for sure is that Satan is trying to get the better of us at these times. His ultimate desire is to shroud us in temptation, fear and despair. He wants to get us at our weakest. The Bible even talks about the enemy being like a lion, prowling around and looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). But we must not be afraid! We are under no obligation to obey his commands. We owe him nothing. He cannot destroy us.

See, the wonderful truth is, God possesses the power to overcome the enemy. He is omnipotent over the powers of darkness. We must simply ask the Lord to empower and strengthen us in our weakness. If you feel under oppression, temptation or any sort of spiritual attack today, pray this prayer:

"Dear Lord, I am struggling to see you today. I feel the enemy is attacking me, and I need your strength. God, I know that the scriptures tell me that you have all things underneath your feet (Ephesians 1:22), and that the name of Jesus is powerful over every other. But Lord, I need you to write this truth across my heart right now. Jesus, cast any temptation away from me, uphold me with your right hand, and help me overcome the spiritual darkness that surrounds. Help me see you through my suffering, and may I choose you over all else, again and again. Jesus, you are so worthy of my praise, at all times. I look to you now. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and grant me your peace as I move through today with you by my side. Amen."

May God keep you from spiritual darkness today, and may his light shine brightly in your life! 

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