Dec 05, 2016 by Will Maule

Billy Graham On The Dangers Of Alcohol Consumption This Christmas

With Christmas coming up, the wine will be flowing in abundance. Festivities are often coupled with alcohol to mark the celebrations. But alcohol can be an extremely damaging vice if we let it affect us in a negative way, or develop a dependency on it. Pastor Perry Noble is one of the more recent Church leaders to fall to alcoholism, so may we learn to understand that this is a serious, life-shattering issue to so many.

One person asked Billy Graham: "I wish my wife would get off my back. She says I need to get treatment for my drinking, but I can stop any time I want to. What's wrong with a few drinks, anyway?" Graham provides some excellent words in response. 

"What's wrong in your case is obvious: your drinking is clearly interfering with your life and your marriage. If it weren't, your wife wouldn't be so concerned—but she loves you and she is concerned about you, and she hates what alcohol is doing to you," he writes. 

"But something else is wrong in your case: alcohol is distorting your judgment by making you believe something that simply isn't true. You say you can stop at any time—but why don't you? I suspect the real reason is because you can't; you've become too dependent on alcohol to see you through."

As Christians, we must always be watchful of the enemy attempting to draw us into a snare, a dependancy, an addiction or a place of oppression. But, as Graham reminds us, we must remember the love and grace of God at all times. "Don't misunderstand me, however, or assume I'm only trying to make you feel guilty—because I'm not. The most important truth I can tell you is this: God loves you, and He wants to help you. This is why I urge you to face honestly your need to overcome your alcoholism, and seek God's help."

Christmas is a joyful time as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior. But it can also be a trying time. Broken families attempt to reunite, and anxiety and stress are often not too far away. Don't rely on alcohol to get through this Christmas, but seek after the King of Kings. Remember the true gift of Christmas: Christ Jesus. 

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